Week 34 - The journey to becoming Khmae!

11:18 AM

The key to the above subject is to live with a bunch of Khmaes, who knew...

Okay but really I was nervous about it but it's turned out okay. Talking with them at meal time is way fun, and I don't feel isolated like I was expecting. I love my new companion Sister Sung. She is sweet as can be; she's pretty quite though, so I still gotta work on getting to know her. She doesn't know any English so that could be a contributing factor... She likes to laugh a lot which is good and let me tell you she is brave! The other day we were studying and a mouse ran into our room. I'm sitting on the chair with me feet up, and she's chasing it down with a hymn book and a pencil. She even grabbed it by its tail!  Gross! That's definitely taking one for the team. Way to go Sister Sung! Our investigators are doing good despite the area being slow. Li Eng has been done with all the lessons but was feeling nervous about being baptized (she's was comparing her faith to her aunt's, even though her aunt has been a member for a long time). We were going to continue teaching about faith, help her feel comfortable, confident, and not push her into anything, but yesterday she told us she's ready and wants to have her interview, so hey! It's the Lord's work. Bong Hiap is a referral from an RC. She is awesome; she loves to learn, keeps her commitments, but is still waiting for a answer to know if she should be baptized or not. Chai Dean...haha we only started teaching her on Monday and she literally wants to meet with the sisters everyday. We've met her twice already but since then we've been ditched three times. Okay not really ditched but kind of. She always comes to the church to meet us, just and hour and a half late... and at that point we have to go home. Its hard cause she really really wants to meet with us but her work place is far and traffic is awful. But we're hoping to actually meet with her today.   Its always strange switching companions cause you gotta figure out their teaching style. It's funny to see how different people are. At first teaching with Sister Im was strange because she has such a different style than I do, but I really miss teaching with her. Sister Sung is great too just so different. Then there's Sister Harris who got me started out here. I definitely teach mostly like her but it's been fun to add things as I go with other companions.

Speaking of the Sister Harris, she is now back in the homeland! I heard her airplane fly by, sad, but hey we'll both be at the Y in the end. But I am so grateful for her example to me and I hope i can make an impact here in Cambodia like she did. 

Okay fam and friends hope you have a good week; love and miss you!  Kendall

 So sad to leave Cambodia!
 Love Sister Harris!
 Sister Christensen
 Goodbye picnic last pday for the sisters who are going home

 Bye Sister Im!

My new companion - Sweet Sister Sung!

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