Week 29 - Teuk Thla - Phnom Penh

2:45 PM

Okay so not much happening here. Okay jk!  We do have three baptisms coming up in the next few weeks! Yeaaa! They're all way sweet; unfortunately I only had the chance to teach them a little but that's not what's important. I'm so excited for them; Bong Sothia and Hong Yi will be baptized next Saturday and Lii ing the week after! I'm excited about Lii ing she told us she wanted to wait till the end of Feb, but when we told her she could be baptized this month she changed her mind and agreed that's what she wants. Also this week Sister Im and I called an old contact form the transfer before. Her name is Srei Lin; she is soooo good; she was into the lesson and asking so many really good questions. It was awesome; unfortunately she works at a hospital so she couldn't come to church on Sunday but she's praying to find a way to make it to church. So hopefully she's as promising as she was in the first lesson! We also have a list of other investigators but they're not YET progressing. Anyway training is interesting... good, but it's harder than I expected. I really enjoy teaching with Sister Im. I'm really starting to feel more comfortable teaching, things are starting to flow better language wise and I can address people's concerns more easily. So it's been fun! But really Sister Im and I are doing good. Oh yeah we decorated planners the other night together. I've never done it before cause I've been to lazy haha but we needed some bonding time. It turned out way fun! Okay sorry that all I really have for this week; we're off to go shopping! Love you guys! 
Sister Semones

 I love serving at the orphanage!  I am so blessed!
Sister Semones and Sister Im

Sister Ormax
 My new space!
Sister Im

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