Week 82 - Fun, Fun and FUN!

2:21 AM

This week was good! I don't have a lot of time:

Two of our investigators have made good progress this week. WE were having a hard time knowing if they had real intent and a real desire (their Dad loves them a lot and has really been encouraging them to learn) but this week they really started opening up and sharing that they do want to keep their commitments and they have been finding happiness. such a relief. They'll probably be baptized right after I leave and I am so excited for them. Fun things this week: took cooking lessons from our landlord, had the senior couple over for dinner to try it out, had dinner at the branch presidents, had a ton of LAs come to church this week, went to a waterfall, YES mission life is so great so fun and I am so sad it's coming to a halt. I try not to think about it. Anyways next week’s letter I’m sure will be long but this is it for today! 

Love ya'll, Sister Semones

 We made this RM from Hawaii musibi - love her!

 Last Pday we learned some cooking skills from the Great Neak Ming!

 Today, we went to this beautiful waterfall!  Lots of fun!

 Buddha meets the Karate Kid!

 I love this beautiful place!  I will miss it, when I'm gone!

 Companion!  I love Sister C

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