Week 79 - KC1

12:06 PM

Another week down in KC.  Sister Chanthakhuon and I are killing it out here.  We've found pretty much all the member’s houses (which is incredible cause all we have are individual hand drawn maps).   We just started teaching 2 new investigators too.  Both are daughters of the Elder's RC.  It was so fun talking to them and getting to know them. They've already been going to church for a while but just now figured out a schedule to meet with us. They really are prepared! Srei Hiang (the older daughter) said when she was in Phnom Penh she learned with the sisters for a little but then stopped after one or two times. She said it was a long time ago and now her Dad's been a member for a month!  Heavenly Father has a plan for them to join together. They're so great they really enjoy church and Linaa (the younger daughter) reads the Book of Mormon every day for an hour. So, I am so excited to know them and to help them learn about the gospel. I'm excited to see a family come together; it's the best. Okay that's all got to run!

Love you all Sister Semones

Having a fun time in KPC!

More pictures from Sister Im's wedding and CKM!

 Christmas Morning!

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