Week 78 - It's the circle of (missionary) life!

9:43 AM

Well, my mission is coming to an end in a nice little poetic circle.
I was born in KC and I will die in KC. 

Oh, honestly my heart felt torn when I found out I had to leave CKM. I have loved everyone and everything in that branch. Especially my RCs. I miss them just thinking about them. And Sister Snooks and I were in denial about splitting up until the very moment. I miss her so much too! She is def one of my best friends! 

But I know I'm supposed to be back here in KC. And I am very grateful I extended so I could come back. 

It has been so fun to see everyone I've missed here, and it feels good to be back in a khite, so beautiful. I'm white washing with one of my other besties Sister Chanthakhoun!  White washing has been easier than spelling her name!  Seriously though! The spirit has helped me remember names and houses and faces! I can remember almost everything. Last time I was here I served in Branch "1" and 2 but I spent most of the time in 2.  We were only in branch 1 to help the other sisters map the area out. So, between Sister Harris's maps and the spirit it's been a breeze. Anyways I sent a ton of pics and a picture it worth a thousand words, so I've written plenty today! 

Love you guys! Happy New Year!

Sister Semones

Sister Im gets married!

Doesn't everyone carry a rice cooker when they ride around on their bike?

I love the people of Chomkarmon, all of my experiences and memories I have had here!  

Saying "goodbye" to all the people I love in Chomkarmon is hard, but I know that they are in great hands with Sister Snooks!  

We are all in this TOGETHER! The 4 of us were lucky to report to the MTC on the same day and be in the same group!  We have supported each other on all of our individual highs and lows!  We left our families on the same day,  learned the language side by side, flew around the world, experienced a new culture, taught about Our Savior Jesus Christ and FELL IN LOVE with a beautiful land and amazing people.  
Looking forward to continued friendships as we depart!  I will miss being on the same side of the world with you....see you soon!

Sister Schwab, Sister Collins, Sister Loftus and Sister Semones

Love these girls!


Transfer time means reunion with previous companions and sisters you have lived with.  Fun times! Time to remember great memories and laugh!

(love the tan lines on the feet)

Saying goodbye to a bestie!  Love you Sister Snooks!

 I'm back home in Kampong Cham!  This is where I started my mission in Cambodia and this is the last area I will serve in.  It is such a blessing to serve here.  My mission is amazing!  I laugh when I think of all the challenges I have experienced with communication, confidence and my weak biking skills when I first arrived here.  
Coming back to Kampong Cham is like coming home!

Om Chanton

This sweet girl gave Sister Semones a matching ring!

Campanions - Sister Chanthokhaun and Semones

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