Week 45 - Cba Ampov - Contacting, I promise it is not that bad!

2:26 PM

Hey everyone, Oh, it was so good to see my family last week! Sorry I got a little stressed over the technology (It think I inherited that trait from Aunt Tani ;) )


Anyways this week was really good. Lots of contacting.... BUT good things came from it. Nothing over the top crazy now but still good experiences.


Monday we realized Sister Ren forgot to turn in our electricity bill when our AC would and lights didn't kick on.... haha so we ended up staying at the mission home. So we couldn't meet with our appointment so we went contacting by the national monument near the mission home. There are a ton of people who exercise there so it's a killer place to contact.  So we were going about and we saw this group of girls sitting and eating Krispy Kreme’s!!!  I had heard they were opening one up in Phnom Penh so we started our contact by asking if it was open already. They told us they were doing a promotion and giving away free donuts! THEN they told us they were stuffed and offered us a full box of free Krispy Kreme’s!!! Of course we declined but they insisted that they did not need to ask twice. So in the end we shared them with President and Sister Christensen and we were all a little happy sister Ren forgot to turn in the bill haha. Don't worry we did share the gospel with the girls in return, but they're not in our area so I don't know what happened to them.


On Tuesday Elder Hall (TX) gave probably one of the best district meetings I’ve ever had. We talked about contacting cause our district does a lot of it. We felt ready to go! We cancelled our plans for the day (not that promising) and went contacting instead. WE HAD NO SUCCESS! UNTIL the last hour of our day! We contacted someone who lived on our street. She was already Christian and invited us in. She wasn't really looking for anything new in her life and made it clear she really loves her church, BUT! The spirit definitely guided us to know what to say and in the end the lady and her daughter said they would try and read the Book of Mormon. We ran back to the house to grab some copies, and when we gave them to them they asked for one more copy so their whole family could read it together! Way cool! We haven’t been able to meet with them again cause they're normally busy but we're hoping sometime this week.


Also I heard from some other missionaries that Srei kaa and niat are both fully active right now and in tuk thlaa Li hua (the brother of a recent convert) was baptized this week! darn I barely missed it. Also One of my favorite investigators in tuk thlaa who mysteriously dropped off the face of the planet. Finally found the missionaries again and is started to meet with them again. yeaaaaa! Okay sorry that's all I have time for I have so much more to write but I gotta run!



Love Sister Semones

They taste just like home!  Sister Ren, Semones, Nit and Lines!

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