Week 24 - Kampong Cham - Christmas time is HERE!

2:50 PM

Okay this week was a little bit wild. We didn't get much proselyting in, bummer.... but it wasn't planned that way.
So here was my week... 
 Monday: normal pday nothing fun 
 Tuesday: District meeting and teaching, nothing crazy 
 Wednesday: Our District and Zone Leaders went back to the island to harvest rice! I'm the only one who got to plant and harvest the rice; I literally got to reap what I sowed. It was way fun! AND when I was cutting rice I found a whole patch of four leaf clovers!!!  Who would've thought of all places I'd find four leaf clovers in Cambodia on and island in a rice field! Also this time we didn't take the barge; we took the bamboo bridge! They build and knock it down every year. It is way cool; we got some great pics! So on Wednesday we found out Sister Nhem and I had to got to Battambang for an exchange on Friday. 
Thursday: Battambang is super far away so Thursday we spent the whole day on a bus!  Friday: I went on the exchange with Sister Pon; I had a fever so that wasn't fun but I went anyway, cause I wanted to see Battambang so badly (Sister Kimball talked about it all the time). Anyway it was short lived; We only taught one lesson and helped harvest rice a little, but then I got a call from Sister Nhem and she told me we had to leave right then to go to Phnom Penh. Sister Nhem found out her bachelors degree was finally approved. So here I guess you finish your 4 years of school but you don't technically receive your bachelors degree till its approved by the government about 2 or 3 years later. So she found out from her friend it was approved, and President Christensen said she could participate in the graduation ceremony. So we hopped on another bus.
Saturday: We went to Sister Nhem's University to get her cap and gown and attend a meeting. It was cool to see a Khmae university and meet all of her friends; it was  also weird hearing everyone call her by her first name haha. We finally headed back to KPC that night. 
Sunday: Semi depressing, I'll leave it at that. And, no the topics this week were not on Christmas?! But I taught RS and I did teach about Christmas! 
The funny highlight of yesterday was a prank we are pulling on Sister Nhem. We told her about how we learned the short Cambodia national anthem AKA Genovia from the Princess Diaries. 
Cambodia, the land I call my home. Cambodia, CAMBODIA, forever will your banner wave! 
So Sister Harris's group use to sing it in the MTC and so did Sister Nguyen's group. So Sister Nguyen, Brown, and I sang it for Sister Nhem. She didn't believe us, but she was really confused about how we all knew this song (we'd never sung it with each other before) anyways so when Sister Nhem had to call Sister Harris about Sister Training leader stuff I told Sister Nhem to ask Sister Harris what the Khmae National Anthem since sister Nhem didn't believe us. When Sister Harris sang the same song to her she was super confused and thought the MTC in America was crazy. Then I left the room "to get a drink" and we got Sister Ren in on the plan. When we came back we sang it again and Sister Ren told Sister Nhem we were right. Anyways we started teasing Sister Nhem about how she's not Khmae and the past day she's been trying to convince us we're wrong by singing all of the actual national anthems, yup all 3 of them. Anyways she'll find out eventually.
Okay sorry I don't have anything to write about proselyting. Love you guys and I can't wait for Christmas to Skype!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Keep thinking about our Savior this Christmas! Read in Luke 2 more than just once on Christmas; its so special. Love you guys and I'll SEE you soon! Weeee!!!!      

Love, Kendall 
My District

Time to harvest!

I'm so LUCKY to serve in Cambodia!
I found my 4 leaf clover in a rice field in Cambodia!

Having a great time with Sister Nguyen!

Awesome bamboo bridge!

 I love this place!

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