Week 25 - Kampong Cham - 15 minute email

10:32 AM

I am so sorry this will be the worst email, because I only have 15 minutes to write.

Why? We had Sister Nhem's graduation today (that was forever and a life)  Sister Nhem had a meeting before the graduation, and we weren't permitted in the meeting, so Sister Nguyen and I had to sit outside and waited for about 2 hours. Then we found out that no one but the students are permitted inside during the ceremony. So we sat outside the whole time and wondered around the city trying to find Sister Nhem some flowers.  After about 6 hours, we found Sister Nhem and we got to meet her family (don't worry this was all approved by President). It was fun talking with them and taking pictures (btw I won’t send pics this week because I forgot my card converter in KPC, plus this internet cafe is way sketchy).   All that waiting used up half our day. Then we went and ate lunch at a really nice restaurant (just the companionship) it was like a hibachi place but everything is boiled in a pot of soup. They also had sushi that was way good! I ate so much sushi! I also tried kimchi today it wasn't bad. After we bought some groceries (good food you can't find in the kites) and rode around trying to find an internet shop. So, here I am.

This Christmas week was good!  Honestly, it didn't feel like Christmas this year. That was fine. It was still a great experience.  I am so sorry I will write about it next week.   I have to get off.  I love you all and I was so glad I got to see my family!  Don't worry about me I'm doing great no homesickness here. I love you guys, have a happy new year!!!!


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