Week 70 - Srie Leak is a spiritual GIANT!

5:19 AM

Hey FAM and friends,

Okay the other week I emailed about our RC Srei Leak. She is literally so amazing. So after our lesson with her on keeping the Sabbath, she firmly decided she was not going to work on Sundays. A few weeks went by and her mom started putting pressure on her to take a job at a market (that worked on Sundays) but Srei leak stood her ground and told her mom that she trusted God and that he would provide her a job. A couple of days went by and our BM leader asked her to share her testimony at an activity. She was supposed to share on what miracles she's seen since becoming a member. Srei leak told me she started thinking about it and she couldn't really think of any huge miracles she wanted to share when suddenly she got a phone call. A place she had interviewed at offered her a job. She explained to them that she was Christian and that Sundays where important to her, and they told her that it wasn't a problem she could have Sundays off! Wow! We were so excited for her when she told us we were practically jumping with joy. I am just so impressed by her faith; she hadn't had any huge miracles before yet she knew the truth and stuck to it. She is a spiritual giant, and I'm so grateful for her example to me and our investigators. So that experience definitely made my week.
The rest of the week was also good. Sister Winters has been super sick for 3 weeks now, so we went back to the doctor and found out she has an amoeba! Been there done that! So we're glad it's not just a virus cause that would really stink. Also we finished up teaching our investigator Somphor this week so she will be baptized on Saturday! Yeah!. Also Bong Hian will probably be baptized the week after but we'll see.
That's all I have for this week! Love you all! Have a good week; eat some Halloween candy for me!

Love Sister Semones

Sister Semones and Somphor

Sister Semones, Winters and Somphor

 Fun with Nada

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