Week 71 - Victory

3:27 PM

This week was so great! Saturday was probably one of my most favorite days of my mission. Samphor our investigator got baptized!
Right before her baptism she had played in the district volleyball tournament, and our branch won! They were so excited they were the champions, but the real victory was after. 
 It was the most beautiful baptism I've ever been to. Samphor was so giddy with excitement; she said she was so excited at least 20 times. The support in this area is astounding; the room was packed for her, there was so much love and unity in the room. All the YW came, leaders, missionaries it was so exciting. I love Samphor she is so special and she has accepted and loved every bit of this gospel. She's become a new person, and has helped build members along the way. Srei Leak gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and it brought a strong spirit into the room, I can still feel it when I think about her talk. It's been so amazing to see God's hand in this work especially in this branch. Each small miracle has a domino effect here. I am so glad I am staying. We got transfer calls last night and I'm going to serve with Sister Snooks! I'm way excited, but I am way sad to see Sister Winters go. She is an incredible missionary, I didn't even need to train her. She is so brave and loving and I'm so excited for her to go to Seim Riep! Okay sorry I’m out of time. Love you all!

Sister Semones

 A great day for all of us!

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