Week 10 1/2 - Kampung Cham / Phnom Penh - Mid-week treat

10:51 AM

So yeah, I sent the email on Monday around 3ish but then I was talking to one of the sisters and she said her mom said that you said you hadn't heard from me since I’ve been here.... So here's what happen in case you didn't get my email... I didn’t email you when I arrived in Cambodia because we had to run to catch our bus to our area (missionaries don’t spend the night in the mission home anymore). I asked Sister Christensen to email you for me (maybe she forgot or it didn't go through.....) and on Monday I didn’t email till late because my companion has been in the hospital and I can’t leave her. Luckily Sister Christensen brought me her laptop. I sent you my weekly email from her email because missionary portal wasn't working (it started working later and that’s when I told you I’d email you again this week). But idk if her email is working. If you didn't get it I can try and send it again from her laptop.... she is really chill so I’m sure she will let me. I AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT HERE!!!!! Even though it stinks my companions been sick it gave us the opportunity to tour Cambodia a little. I've taught a lesson now in three different areas! (One area with my comp before the hospital and two after we left the hospital on exchanges) it’s complicated to explain in an email, later. Anyways love you bunches and I was worried you hadn't heard from me love love love you!!! I'm safe and happy!!!
Love, Kendall

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