Week 36 - Teuk Thla - exchanges, baptisms, birthdays, oh my!

11:29 PM

This week went by really fast; it was pretty fun aside from doing more paper work. So I'm just going to skip to the good stuff. Friday we had an exchange with Sister Ham and Sister Peng. I went with Sister Peng to Teuk L'ak. We, what do you know, did more CBR finding (finding less actives), but it was fun to see the area. When we came home Sister Peng and I made dinner (pickled spay) not my fav but hey it was fun. Then I started helping Sister Kosal and Sister Y with English, but Sister Kosal ran out of the room and came back with nail polish. So I got a mani-pedi while I was translating for them. Also I have house envy they practically live in a hotel.

Saturday was insane! Normally we never have service but that day it's literally all we did. I felt like a Jani Blocker (if you don’t know who that is I’m sure she'll find you and find some way to help you) Sister Peng and I were supposed to meet a RC but she couldn't come, so we cleaned the church (fyi the stake centers here are huge). After that we had English class. Then we switched back, and Sister Sung and I started helping members cook food for a wedding. After, we went and cleaned the font for Li Eng's baptism! We started helping our Relief Society President set up for an RS activity, when I got a call from Sister Ormax. It was Sister Souen's birthday and Sister Ormax wanted us to go buy her a birthday cake. So that's what we did. Later, we ended up joining the activity cause they literally only had 4 people there.  Lastly we prepped for Li Eng's baptism. It was sooo great. Before she was so nervous to be baptized but that day she felt ready; I could tell she felt at peace. I asked her how she felt after and she said she felt so excited. She was so sweet when she expressed her gratitude for the gospel and those who helped her learn (especially her aunt). I'm so excited for her too; I'm glad she found the courage and faith to follow through.

When we got home we celebrated Sister Soeun's first birthday (really her 24th) she was way excited about it. Birthdays are not a big deal here. Most people are too poor to do anything and I feel like a lot of people don't even know their birthday. They have to look at their records. Anyways she made such a long wish I literally thought she was praying over the cake until I realized what she was doing. ha-ha

Okay that’s it. Love you guys 


Hey also shout out to my little sister Hermana Cluff. Congrats girlie you'll be a great missionary! Love you so much! It's going to be a long time till we hang out again, but that's okay Washington needs you. 

Li Eng's Baptism Day!!

Sister Sung, Li Eng, and Sister Semones

Sister Soeun's Birthday

Kendall sent the following note with the picture attached:  She's a member in our ward. When we were helping cook food for a wedding she was asking me questions about myself. When she found out I was adopted by a single mom and that you haven't been married yet she started getting teary eyed. She told me she was exactly like you. She's never been married but she has an adopted son. She kept saying "This is God's plan". She wanted to take pics with me to show her son that there was someone like him. 

The children in the orphanage are all prepared to put on a performance at a banquet.  The previous Mission President, President Moon was coming for a visit.  The children love to have their pictures taken. 

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