Week 35 - Teuk Thla

4:03 PM

Okay, not a lot going on in Tuk Thlaa. Really, hardly anything. We pretty much spent the week organizing records. Li Eng is getting baptized this week, so that's exciting. One of our investigators is moving, and one of our other investigators is still not sure about baptism yet.   
Anyways I don't really have anything to share from this week, but I forgot to share a story from last week.  
 So pretty much the first question people ask me is, "Where are you from? Are you Korean or Japanese?"  So the other week we contacted this guy, and he asked just that. I told him I was Chinese then went on to talk about English class and church. At the end of the conversation he said thank you and then I thought I heard him say "cak ciang (jake-G-iang)" which in Khmaer means fried banana. I looked at Sister Sung and asked if people in the city say that to be funny or if he was just weird. She started laughing so hard and told me he said "chay chean" (j-eye-j-E-un) which means goodbye in Chinese..... whoops, did I forget to mention I was raised America?  So that's all I've got for you this week sorry. Love you guys miss you so much.   
Love, Kendall 

Sister Semones and Sung emailing!

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