Week 61 - Scripture Power!

8:30 AM

Okay so I do not have any time to write today, so I just want to focus on one experience even though we've seen some really amazing stuff happen this week. So our investigator Bong Hian is really the sweetest person ever; she has a heart of gold and truly wants to learn about the gospel. But she can't read the scriptures and it's been hard for her to progress. But the other day we were teaching her and she mentioned how she flips through the restoration pamphlet all the time. She says she loves looking at the pictures and it helps her remember what we've taught. Then a thought entered my mind so clear and so obvious I'm surprised the thought hadn't occurred to me sooner. Thank goodness the Holy Ghost helps you catch what you overlook. Anyways the thought was to buy her a picture book, Book of Mormon (the one for kids). Last pday we went and bought it and on Tuesday (our next lesson with her) we delivered it, and it was one of the best moments on my mission. She was so excited. She said wow you weren't lying, you brought one for me. She was so happy and grateful she just hugged the book close to her. Then we started reading from the beginning and reviewing about the restoration and she was so into the lesson. She loved the pictures and she knew exactly what was going on. At the end she simply stated that she knew Joseph Smith was prophet and was excited to better understand the Book of Mormon.

Okay that’s all I have got to go. Love you all keep reading your scriptures cause it’s a huge blessing.

Love, Sister Semones

A little fun on Pday - Bowling

 Trainees and Trainer meeting at thee Mission Home.

 Sister Semones and Bensen finally meet!

 Sister Semones took Sister Winters to 3Dworld.

 Contacting King Kong

One of my english students drew this picture of my MOM!

TukTuk full of cute Sisters!

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