Week 62 - Little things of faith and following

8:26 AM

Okay first off our area is in a bit of a slump. Why my areas always end up like this beats me, but we still saw some awesome miracles this week.  
First one: I need to rewind a little... Last week while weekly planning Sister Winters suggested leaving a space blank in our planner to show Faith and Hope for a new investigator cause we scheduled a lot of finding ideas. It was a good idea so we did. So a few days later we decided to call all the former investigators in our area book= no luck, so then we went to the old potential investigators sheets. I was on the phone till 9 at night called what seemed like a gazillion #s (2 hrs worth) haha Sister Winters fell asleep (jet lag). We weren't having any success until one of the last phone calls I made. I called the # thinking that Sister Schwab had taught her before (I had heard about 2 Russian/ khmer bongs) Anyways so she said she was still interested in meeting so I gave her a random time. Saturday at 10 she agreed and  it was good for her schedule. After I hung up I opened up my planner and saw that was the exact same day and time we had left the blank space. Wow! Sooo Saturday at 10 we were waiting at the church English contacting outside. 10:10... 10:20... 10:30... Sister Winters finally asked me if I thought she would come or ditch us. At first I said probably but then I said "no! I'm gonna have faith she'll come" and 2 mins later she pulled up! The lesson was so amazing she had those questions of the soul and was really engaged. She even asked us when church was; unfortunately she didn't come on Sunday, but maybe next week. She was really good so I'm really hopeful about her; she's already Christian and is part of another church but the spirit was strong in our lesson and she seemed excited to learn more. So we'll see. After the lesson I asked Sister Schwab if she was on of the Russians she told me about and she said no, which means we still have another 2 potential investigators we can call. yeah! Later that day we met with Srei leak the RC with Red hair. I love her she is so sweet and she's been growing so much!!! We helped her start Personal Progress (never to late; she's 20 but wants to do it) so we read in Ether 12 together. When she read about the 3 Nephites at first she was confused, after we explained her mind was blown! I admire her so much. She was truly amazed and had faith rather than doubt. She is so strong. (this week we're watching finding faith in Christ/ the Restoration at the church to get member to bring their friends; we felt Srei leak should bear her testimony at the end because it is so strong). Also she has a heart of gold she made Sister Winters and I a pumpkin stir fry and it was literally the best stir fry I've had in Cambodia!!! sooooo good! So Im gonna try and make it this week I'll let you know how it goes. Also that same day we went to visit an Inv and a La but one was sleeping the other wasn't home so we went to go drop by a La's house an Om. Normally she's too busy to meet with us so we didn't have a lesson for her but we just wanted to say hi. When we got there she also wasn't there, but her daughter was. I asked her if she was healthy and happy (How are you?) and she told me how she's recovering from a surgery. They have a store that sells randoms things so I asked her if we could help around the shop. At first she said no but then she felt comfortable enough to admit she did need help. I was so happy to help her. After we sat down and talked; she shared a little about her family when they were active and why they were less active now. ( Sister winter is so bold; it's great she just flat out asked why? and she totally answered Anyways the Om came back and I asked how she was doing she said she wasn't to great either. I asked why. They hesitated, looked at each other then the daughter just opened up and told us everything that was going on. After listening to her vent and sob we flipped to Alma 7:11-13 we read and discussed it. It was a really great lesson. After she said that's what she needed to hear, and I agree 
I'm running out of time.  
One more, on Sunday one of the youth went missing. She left during sacrament cause she wasn't feeling good and then no one saw her. Everyone just figured she's come back but she didn't 1 hour finished 2 hr 3rd hr. By 3rd hr her sister was running around trying to find her (our church building is huge) After 3rd hour everyone was really worried and they sent some people out to see if she left the church without telling someone. I remember looking at the wall of the room I was currently in and thinking I wonder if she's in there. If I had been thinking logically it wouldn't have made since because that would've been the 1st room her sister tried cause it was right next to us. But I just got up went to the door and tried to open it. It was lock then we tried the accordion wall it also was locked. Her other sister started yelling for her and we knocked on the door and no one answered but we all felt she was in there. About 15 mins later she came out. She'd fallen asleep... 
Anyways I'm really grateful for small thoughts that come from the spirit. No matter how small they are it's wonderful to follow them and see great things happen have a great week everyone! Love you!  
Sister Semones 

no pictures this week

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