Week 26 - Kampong Cham - Cheers to the 20's!

10:33 AM

Okay another wild week.
Tuesday: EXCHANGE with... just Sister Nguyen. Yup, it was just Sister Nguyen and I. It was an attempt to throw us in the deep end so we could sdaap baan better (work on our listening). So we just went around to all our lessons, 1 person in training and the other fresh out, and we did our best. Of course out of all days we teach, this particular day one of our investigators decided to tell us every single problem she had. Between the 2 of us we think we got everything..., but we switched up our lesson for her and taught about the Atonement. The spirit was there and when we left she seemed more at peace. So all in all we felt good about the exchange. (Even if there were other people who we couldn't understand)
Wednesday: we harvested rice again
Thursday: EXCHANGE with... my FAVS: Sister Harris and Sister Young! All I'm going to say is it was the best New Year’s Eve I've ever had. Also side note: while reflecting over the past year and future. I realized I’ll turn 20 this year.... what!? BRING IT (actually I don't know how I feel about this; I feel old...)
Friday: Half the day I was with Sister Young and Sister Nhem, and the other half I was with Sister Harris and Sister Nguyen. Yup always the awkward one in the middle. I loved teaching with Sister Young, she is so great! But honestly the second half of the day took the cake. It was just like old times but even better. AKA Sister Harris was doping Om Chanton on Om's bike and right as we reached our destination, Om fell off. And Yes! Wet her pants yet again! Then on the way to our next appointment I was doping Sister Harris, and of course she had to wear a longer skirt that day. Next thing I know I hear her yell stop and I felt my bike tip over. So there we are on the side of the big road, Sister Harris's skirt completely wrapped up in my wheel; thank goodness we wear bike shorts. She ended up climbing out of her skirt while I yanked it out of my spokes. Anyways, it is always an adventure with that one. Really though it was so nice to teach with her again. It felt so comfortable and it was so nice to be reminded of great advice she's given me in the past. She truly is one of my most favorite people. 
Saturday: It was a rough day, and I can’t even completely remember why, so oh well!
Sunday: Srei Kaa and Srei Niat came to church and stayed for all three hours! Hallelujah! We also are going to help them get started on personal progress. (Keep working on it Grace!) One of our recent converts husband went inactive because he had to work on Sundays, but he got his schedule changed so the whole family was together at church again, and another less active family came this Sunday so that's great as well! So we just got to focus on the small success as Sister Harris would say. 
Okay so cheers to the New Year and to the second decade of my life. Hey I get to kick off both in Cambodia, how cool is that?! Okay love you all!

btw: This year my New Year’s resolution is to be a more positive person!  Make sure to set a resolution!

Love, Kendall

Sister Nguyen and I waiting outside during the graduation!  Yes, we are sitting in a dolphin!
 Sister Nhem  - Graduation day!

 Sister Nhem's family at graduation!
 Sister Nguyen and I practicing for our own graduation, at the mission home!
 Loving the food!


 Angry bird sushi!

 I love seafood!

Time to harvest some more rice!

 I love having Sister Harris and Young back in town!

 Playing with Hoang!
 Playing volleyball with Hoang! 

This is my friend Thiavi, in the 2nd branch.  She is pretty much our only active youth according to the records and based on her heart! She is an awesome example!  She is wearing the shirt i bought for her for Christmas!

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