Week 28 - Teuk Thla - Phnom Penh

7:45 PM

Okay first week of training came and went. I love Sister Im! She is so sweet! She's on the quiet side, but we work really well together. Of course the language barrier is a little tricky but really it is not bad. Teuk Thal is a nice area; our house is GROSS but whatever. I did just leave the nicest house in the mission. I thought I wouldn't miss Kampong Cham that much because it's a slow area, but I actually miss it a lot. Everyone was so nice to me when I left the area; it made it hard to leave. The great Neak Ming (our land lady) made me a skirt as a gift. And my favorite Om Chanton gave me one of her rings so I can remember her forever. Bong Pov also made us a super nice lunch the last time I visited her. People are truly so kind there. I miss the people in Kampong Cham and the atmosphere. The city doesn't feel like Cambodia at all. There are times when I'm biking and I feel like I'm biking in downtown Dallas (minus traffic rules). We have some really good investigators though.  3 of them will be baptized in February. I love our Branch Missionary in our ward! She scared me at first (she's intimidating) but she's actually really funny and really helpful. I'm in an actually church building again so that really nice, I gave a talk on Sunday about standing in Holy Places, and I actually got a 24 hours’ notice this time. So that was nice. Training is good; the hardest part is being the second trainer, but Sister Im is great I love her so much! I'm so glad she's my koon.
Have a great week guys so I don’t have time to write a lot!

Love Kendall

 Saying good-bye to those I love in Kampong Cham!

 Om Chanton - one of my favorites
Saying Goodbye to Sister Nhem and Nguyen! 

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