Week 23 - Kampong Cham - New things and Old things

11:22 PM

Okay this week proselyting wise was a bit slow but mainly case we did a lot of traveling. 

I start at the beginning of the week. Our zone went to Mount/ Watt Hancaa for pday. It's in our area but Sister Harris and I never went together. The view is so pretty and it had giant random fruit statues all over the place. The stairs were a beast but it was well worth it. I got some good pics and videos. 

This week we headed down to the city for Sister Nguyen's new missionary orientation. So I love love love Sister Nhem we can talk nonstop, but on the bus ride to Phnom Penh I got to know Sister Nguyen better. I love love love her too. She is so chill and we had quite the bonding experience. We both tried LARVA; yes we ate it. Don't you guys worry I have it on video, and yes it actually tasted good. Arriving at the mission home was great! I got to reunite with my mom mom, Sister Harris what a champ. It was way fun to talk about everything new and everything old. The next day was orientation, yes I sat through it all over again, but it was really good. There is one part where the trainers and koons split up, and this time I went with the trainers. The spirit was so strong in that meeting. You can feel the love that the trainers have for their trainees. It made me even more grateful for Sister Harris and everything she taught me. I am so grateful that she was my trainer; I know I needed her specifically. The orientation was also nice because I got to hear the full presentation of the mission vision again; "become a deliberate disciple". I know President Christensen has been called by God to lead this mission. He teaches so powerfully and inspires all of us to be better missionaries and Disciples of Christ. After orientation, because its Christmas time, we all went Christmas Caroling around the city it was way fun. Watching people's reactions when they saw swarms of missionaries contacting and singing was pretty funny. It was a little awkward, our singing that is. But the night was great! 
When we got back to the mission home some of sisters got together and just talked; it was so fun to be with my old companion and my new companions. Heavenly Father blessed me with some really great friends here. 
As far as spiritual thoughts goes, in the Book of Mormon I'm in 3 Nephi 11 right now. How perfect considering the season. This chapter is when Christ appears to the Nephites in the Americas, after he has risen. In verse 12 it says, "the whole multitude fell to the Earth" I'm sure out of awe, amazement, wonder, and gratitude, but what struck me this time I read this chapter is in verse 14. It says, "Arise and come forth unto me..." In this moment he invites the Nephites to thrust their hands into his side, and feel the prints of the nails in his hands and feet. But this time I read this verse I saw his invitation in a different way. I saw it as an invitation to arise and stand, arise to his level, an invitation to arise and become like him. His invitation shows his character. He is not prideful but humble. He provided the way for us to become like him, just as great, just as perfect, just as powerful. I know Heavenly Father's plan of Salvation is real, and I know Christ is the center of that plan. I know if we come unto him and use his atonement we can be perfected through Christ and accept his invitation to arise. 
Love you all, have a great week and focus on Christ during this crazy busy happy season!

Love Kendall

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