Week 25 - Kampong Cham - Christmas Pics

10:30 AM

 Mom made Nativity Puzzles for me to give some of the families in the wards I serve in!

 Sweet baby girl!
 We are getting so excited for Christmas!
 Watching Sister Ren open her present from Sister Sheffield made me happier than watching any other child open a Christmas present!
 Sharing the Christmas Story with ward members was so fun!
 Christmas Stockings from home had matching pj's for me and my companion. Santa didn't know I would be in a trio.  "Oh what fun!"

I made a chocolate cake for Christmas Dinner.  I don't have an oven.  My awesome trainer, Sister Harris taught me how to make a cake in a rice cooker!!!!  Everyone said it tasted great!
The Kampong Cham Elders and Sisters on Christmas Day.  

This is a bong in 1st branch.  She made my khmae skirt for me!  We were matching at the Ward Christmas Party!
Matching bracelets!
My favorite, Om Chamton!

Christmas in Cambodia was wonderful!  I caught to skype my family on the 26th!  

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