Week 33 - Teuk Thla - Okay new transfers ahead!

10:16 PM

Sorry I didn't write much last week, but I have some cool pictures to make up for it. Last pday we went to the royal palace. The watt was way cool unfortunately pictures inside are banned, so the family will have to come here and see it for themselves. We didn't have much time to walk around cause we ate at a nice restaurant before (The Blue Pumpkin). It was the nicest place I've been to since being in Cambodia. If you could put Anthropology into restaurant form the Blue Pumpkin would be it. This week was slow; not sure why it just was. We got transfer calls last night. I am staying in Tuk Thla and I'm serving with Sister Sung (pronounced: s-O-ng). This transfer should be interesting; I'm in a house full of Khmaes. So for the next 6 weeks I won't speak any English. I will miss Sister Im. She's serving in Battambong this next transfer (fun! kite life). I really enjoyed training and working with her. She's helped me so much. She's a great teacher and I've learned some really great analogies that help explain principles more clearly. This transfer I've learned a lot, especially how to really use and study Preach My Gospel. Have I ever mentioned how amazing the missionary discussions are? Even if you're not going to serve a mission, everyone should read it, or use it in Family Home Evenings. It's really neat to see how everything makes sense logically and then have it confirmed spiritually by the Holy Ghost. Hope you guys are have a great week! Love you and miss you guys!

Love, Kendall

Sister Christensen and Sister Semones
I love food pics!  Dining at the Blue Pumpkin


Notice the lounge area

 Feed the birds (Mary Poppins comes to mind)

 The Royal Palace

 Sister Semones and Ormax

 Serving at the Orphanage

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