Week 30 - Teuk Thla - Phnom Penh - I am not an English Major!

2:49 PM

I am not an English Major!

I'm giving this email the subject above because I can never think of what to write for my subject.
Anyways this week was slowwwww!!!!  What is with that?!?! Oh well. Lots of contacting. I actually like contacting in Cambodia, and I've found it's way easier in the city. Sure every once in awhile you'll have people who straight up ignore you, but for the most part people will hear you out and even give you their number. So I'm thankful I'm in a place where for the most part people are friendly and inviting. One of our investigators passed her interview with President, so I'm way excited for her! She's been waiting to be baptized for awhile now! I love teaching her cause you know she really loves the gospel and has a desire to change. Her baptism is on Sunday so yeahhh! Sister Nhem and Sister Nguyen came to our house to do and exchange with Sister Christensen and Sister Ormax, and Sister Larsen came and did an exchange with me! It was a party! I miss my old companions so much! It's funny when you're around people for awhile you pick up their sayings and miss their mannerisms when you split. I miss Sister Nhem's over the top reactions to everything they are way funny and I miss my bestie sister Nguyen! We can and did talk/eat for hours! It was also so fun to get to know Sister Larsen as well! She's great! I really needed the exchange with her she gave some really great advice and I'm grateful she's our Sister Training Leader. Sorry I can't write more we gotta run and meet people at the mission home. Sorry my email is not very detailed. 
As far as studies go I should finish the Book of Mormon this week and I've been working on pondering scriptures more. I don't have time to write specifics but I know when you put in the effort to STUDY you WILL be enlightened. Love you guys! have a great week!
Love Kendall

NO pictures...I lost my camera!  (so sad)

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