Week 81 - VACAY.....JK!!!!

9:20 AM

I took a nice little vacation this week to PP. Just kidding I went to the doctors again. Even though I wanted to stay out here I think my body is protesting. Anyways I don't know what's wrong everything came back negative so maybe I'm just crazy this time, but it was fun to see everyone in the city again. Some of my RC's met us at cold stone on pday and it was fun  to be with them again. Later that night I joined a lesson with one of my RCs; it was awesome it was me, Sister Chanthakhoun, Sister Snooks, sister Hiang, and Muay. And after the lesson more of my RCs showed up at the church. It really felt like heaven! I love them all so much! I sadly didn't get to see some people but I'm hoping to see them before I leave here.  
Other fun things we did this week: 
Celebrated Ava's bday (she's our landlord's granddaughter she could barely walk when I first started my mission now she's so tall and 2) WE surprised her with a hello kitty purse and she loved it  
anyways this letter will be short cause our landlord is giving us cooking lessons today!!!! 
I love khmer food! 
okay have a great week! 
love, Sister Semones 

    Look who I'm with.....

 I love and Miss these girls, sooooo much!

Candy with my Companion!

 So fun to celebrate Ava's 2nd Birthday!  What a cutie!

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