Week 31 - Teuk Thla

5:44 PM

What?! Where has the time gone? I've officially lived in Cambodia for half a year. Is it hard? Yeah!  Do I love it? Yeah! This week was soooo good AKA Zone conference! This transfer I've really come to the realization that I've read my scriptures I haven't studied them. And I am ready to change that! The past couple weeks I've been studying about pondering and revelation, but I still needed a little more direction; zone conference came and it was all about personal study (answer to my prayers)!!! I really love this quote,

"Plead with God in the name of Christ to write the gospel in your mind that you may have understanding and in your heart that you may love to do his will, pursue this blessing diligently and patiently, and you will receive it."

Even though I'm over a 1/3 of the way done with my mission; I know I need to learn so much more!
I like this quote because sometimes I think I expect things to come quickly, and often they don't. I just need to remember to be patient and diligent and continue to trust the deeper conversion will come.

As far as work goes, we have two new investigators that are so good! They ask a lot of questions which is such a good sign, and they were excited about the commitments we extended them! So yea! The rest of the week was sooooo slow! Chinese New Year everyone leaves the city or stays in their houses and parties. It's also 4 days long sooooooo yup. Sunday we did have a baptism and it was so good! Even though I've only known bong sothea for 4 weeks, I love her! She's been waiting for a whole year to be baptized and it was so great to see her in the font, and to hear her testimony afterwards. 

As far as other random things. Sister Im and I started playing jenga #ed jenga; its way better. I SAW SISTER REN THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!! <3333333 I’VE MISSED HER SO MUCH!!!! This is the first transfer I’ve not lived with her, it was so good to see her again! I for sure have added her on to my list of siblings! It was a party; she just radiates happy. 

Okay I've got to run going to go party with Sister Harris because it's her birthday week! Have a good one! Love ya! Keep updating me about your lives!

Love, Kendall

Oh and Happy Chinese New year!!!!! 

Bong Sothea's baptism day!

 Sister Im, Bong Sothea and Sister Semones

It is a great day!

Zone Conference


Sister Ren!
Sister Ren eating some corn!

 Yellow Watermelon 

Tim Tam's in Cambodia!  The first time I ate a Tim Tam was in Australia!

Celebrating Sister Fields today!

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