Week 27 - Kampong Cham - Plot twists! What?!

10:18 PM

Okay I don't have a lot of time today so the email will be short, but I have some big news!
Plot twist one (the lesser plot twist actually the predicable one so not really a plot twist at all): as soon as I set the goal to be more positive this year, a flood of challenges came my way, yup! It was some really hard struggles the biggest one being that one of our recent converts doesn’t want anything to do with us anymore (okay that was a plot twist). I've never had my heart hurt like that before. I also don’t understand how someone can change so fast, but I still have hope she can come back through the atonement. I'll admit I was not the most positive person when the trials started but I've been working on it. I'm really working on trying to be that fourth missionary! (From a talk by President Lawrence Corbridge) I feel like I’ve been improving so I’m just gonna keep on going. 
Transfer call's came and..................................... 
IM TRAINING.....................................................
WHAT?! Mixed emotions let me tell ya:
I honestly am soooooooo excited! I am with Sister Im (pronounced um, she's a native), and we're serving in Teuk Thla Ward ! In Phnom Penh! 
Okay I was shocked when I got the call from President. I'm felt like all strength and energy left my body..... Okay I'm still just out of training, I've only been in country for 4 months, and I still can't sdaap baan (understand what people are saying) soooo I'll will for sure be looking for many miracles this transfer. I'm really grateful for what President said to me on the phone.  Despite my nerves I feel really calm now. I know Heavenly Father will help me if I focus on helping Sister Im and the people in our area. I'm really excited to see what's instore. Truthfully this call tells more about the character and strength of Sister Im than me. She's half way through training and the Lord decides she can handle a new trainer, who’s American, and lead the area! She's got to be way cool. I can't wait to see what we'll learn! Okay love you guys I got to run! 

Love Sister Semones
The cutest Asian Trio - Jumping for Joy!

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