Week 63 - So much to do and so little time!

7:39 PM

Okay I really want to write a ton but I've gotta catch a bus to Siem Riep!  We get to go see Angkor Wat before the end of our missions, so I'm going with Sister Collins and Loftus today! Weeeee!

Also update sorry: Bong Hian is way sick she fell and hit her head.  She moved back with her family so she could have someone watch after her.  She's so good though.   When she told us we all felt at peace about it.  It's what was best for her right now. She's really needs help.

Also the Bong Soranni (the one we miraculously put into our planner last week) is too busy to meet with us.  That was sad too, but our week didn't stay that way; this week was wayyyyyyyy good! haha funny  isn't it last week, we had nothing. this week is a different story.

3 new investigators!  Wow 2 of them came to church all 3 hours. One of them who stayed for all 3 hrs hadn't even started learning with us yet!  We also had 2 of our almost dropped investigators decide to start progressing again. 

Bong Chithaa: Is a referral from the member that I wrote about last week! The one who's porch I swept. So glad the spirit told me to do that. She's awesome has learned about Christ before but has forgotten everything.  She seemed shy at first but participated in the lesson. 

Somphor: came to English class and told one of the members she was interested in learning about Christ.  She says she believes in Christ but hasn't really learned anything about him before.  After teaching the Plan of Salvation, she said she feels happy knowing there is a place prepared for her and that there is a purpose to life.

Bong Channa: Also from English class, is a young mom without a lot of support. You look at her and think she's my age, but really she is 23 and has a baby girl. She's never learned about Christ but has felt Buddhism doesn't make sense to her.

Both have heavy back stories, and it's been amazing to see how they've opened up within minutes of knowing them.  I'm grateful my Savior is working through us to help others feel comfortable enough to share.  I'm also grateful the spirit gives us the words we need to share to ease their burdens.  I love this area!  I feel like I really  connected with the people here and they open up *investigators, less actives, members) and it brings really great experiences.

Sister Winters is still killing it!  She's so good. Her courage is helping her grow so much. She just jumps in there and tries anything.  It's  so impressive. 

Okay sorry I've got to go now, love you guys! Wish i could write more!

Sister Semones

We got caught in a downpour right before we got to the church for a baptism!  Water to our knees in some places.  It was fun to have Sister Nit's (twin sister) Sister Nit and Sister Lines visiting so Sister Nit could go to her visa interview!

I love the serving the people of Chomkarmon!  

 One of my favorite people I have met on my Mission!  He is the BEST BM leader!  Sister Winter is great too!

Elder Medley - DL 
Elder Burnett
 No this is not one of my previous companions, this is her identical twin Sister.  The other Sister Nit who is waiting to go to Portland Oregon for her mission!

I love the Sisters Nit!  Miss them!

 Nada enjoyed taking lots of selfies on my camera!  She is very fun!

I love these girls!  They are so happy!

Grabbing a bite to eat!

Note from Sister Semones' Mom:
The next group of pics are pictures that Sister Winters has taken since she arrived in Cambodia. She is a very good photographer and she has pictures of everyday life in Chomkarmon.  It is a beautiful area.  I am so grateful that Sister Semones was sent to Chomkarmon to regain her health, strength and serve these beautiful people.

 Sister Semones has a few pics on her wall!!!!

The Market looks amazing!

 Cranes, Tuktuks, bikes,cars and a high rise!
Shopping in Cambodia!

Sister Semones and Winters  are enjoying serving together, loving the people, making memories and laughing!

 Can't tell if Sister Semones is laughing, napping or praying she doesn't get run over by all the traffic.
Meal time with Sister C and Xiong

Teaching English not Art!

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