Week 64 - Wats UP!

8:29 PM

Monday I went to visit Angkor Wat! Wow it is so beautiful there.  Not going to lie is was a whirlwind considering we had from 4 am-11 am to see all of the ancient wonder, but it was still a fun trip.  It was weird not proselytizing in my area but we tried to contact as much as we could. Besides vendors asking if you want coffee and elephant pants it is really a very peaceful place. The scenery is gorgeous my camera couldn't really capture it. Darn but that's okay I'll go back. Sister Loftus, Collins, and Hem went on the trip with me. It was so fun on the bus ride up and down with Sister Loftus.  It was like 10 hours of throwbacks and new memories. The sunrise at Angkor Wat was kinda nonresistant because it rained all day but it sure didn't stop us!  We went to all of the temples! Angkor Wat is huge! It’s not at all what I expected. The structures and forests are nicely preserved, it's so beautiful. The only real bummer is I didn't ride an elephant... we only saw two of them and we were rushing around to see everything.  But don't worry I do have good pics!

The rest of the week was great!

Wed, Thurs, Fri were pretty good, pretty normal.

Saturday: Sister Winters and I went to lunch with some of the other sisters. After Sister Winters and I had to play the piano for our District RS conference. It was fun to hear all the Relief Society Presidents speak and we heard from Sister Christensen.   The highlight of the day was seeing all the old members I used to visit in Cba Ampov. Seeing them again was so fun! I really love my current area but seeing them made me miss my old area too.  It was so good to catch up with them and to hear about the branch.
Sunday: Church was interesting... aka Relief Society President was sick so I taught. She gave me the article before she left and was like here you can teach this.  And yeah.... but hey after church things were awesome. Our BM had a pork num he cut up and shared with us, our RCs, and Somphor (one of our new investigators). I'm so glad Somphor is making friends quickly in the ward. She is so good! She came for all three hours again and the day before she went to the beach with the other YSA's for a service project! I love teaching her she is so engaged and so ready to learn.  Our other investigators are doing well.

Sunday I also finished the Book of Mormon again. I love the Book of Mormon. I love that I can read a verse over and over and still learn. I love that it can help me change my attitude.  I love it helps me see who I want to become and that it shows me through Christ it's possible. I'm grateful for those who have sacrificed their time and their lives so I could have God's direction and teachings. I'm grateful God has all knowledge and wisdom and love and that those attributes are evident in the scriptures, especially the verses that share about his only begotten son Jesus Christ. I'm grateful I have this book in my life and I know it is true I can't deny it.

Love you all hope you have a great week! Keep reading your scriptures!

Love Sister Semones

We are so excited to be at Angkor Wat!

We were all in the same MTC group!  (missing Sister Schwab)

I love these 2 cuties!

Sister Hem, my mini mission companion.  She lives in Siem Reap!

We don't stop ... for rain!

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Angkor Wat in the RAIN!

It was fun .... even in the rain!

Lunch with ward friends and Sisters!

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