Week 65 - Gotcha Day # 20

10:51 AM

20 years ago I left an orphanage in China. How? By the power and plan of my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful family and extremely grateful for the gospel. But really I can't think of my life without my Mom. This is what I emailed her "Every day I hope I can feel the spirit to do what he needs me to do. I think of you and how amazing you are, and the fact that you received revelation, had courage to act, and do as the Lord commanded you. It truly has blessed my life." I love that I'm a missionary for my Savior Jesus Christ, and I desire the Holy Ghost more than anything else so that I (like my Mom) can help others recognize everything good comes from Christ.  
As far as missionary work, this week the city became a ghost town again. Cambodia had another big holiday. We fortunately still had some people to meet, mainly less actives. Some are starting to come more often, but it's so hard. My heart hurts for them so many hardships I never want to face. I think about the Savior’s example and how he encourages those who are struggling. He's loving, yet stern, comforting, yet consistent with his doctrine. His life is truly amazing: his teachings, and sacrifices, and really everything. 
That's all I have for this week I love you guys and pray for you. 
Love, Sister Semones 

Cause it's the holiday we've gotten so many goods from members but the food we've had an overload on is Krispy Kreme donuts (end count of the week: 9.... yeah don't be worried about my weigh being too low) (Wesley don't be too jealous)  
 Sister Winters at one point looked at me and said 
"I don't know how we just got Krispy Kreme donuts 3 times in less than 24 hours" 
She loves puns btw so I told her, 
I DON(u)T know how we just got Krispy Kreme donuts 3 times in < 24 hrs.  
HA! Okay sorry it's really not that funny! 
Also I sat here for a bit trying to figure out if it's spelled doughnut or donut... all the Asian donut stores use DONUT and I'm Asian so yup that's my conclusion.  

This is Mom's favorite picture!!!
Fun in the house!

I think she likes the food in Chomkarmon!

 Saying goodbye to Sister Xiong! 

We love Sister Xiong!

A few more pictures from Angkor Wat in the rain!  Sister Collins and Loftus!

 Traveling Companions enjoying an Avocado Shake. 

Note from Mom: The following pictures are Sister Winters. She shows everyone what it is like around their area!  Thanks Sis. Winters, I love your photo skills!

This is a picture from your balcony! 

Phnom Penh South Stake Center. 

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