Week 60 - Is this real?

10:52 AM

Crazy week! It was so surreal till Thursday! I got the call that I was training it seems like forever ago, then bam she's here! I was sad to part from Sister Hem but Thursday was a blast! 
8 am- head to the mission home 
9 ish- trainer meeting got the plans for the pick up 
10ish we got in tuktuks- got our signs and went to the airport (ate some krispy kremes along the way thank you elders) 
11ish- they got off the airplane whoaahhhhhhh 
After we picked them up we went and ate Khmer curry and Mii Chaa (fried noodles) 
Went contacting (which she rocked) and got her bike! 
K here is a quick summary of Sister Winters: 
she is... 
from Florida 
a twin 
also adopted 
is the bravest person I've ever met  
a go getter 
a wonderfully positive person 
and overall a great trainee  
and I'm way excited to work with her! 
Every time I start training I seriously think of Sister Harris and hows she's straight up one of my heroes 
So sorry I'm running out of time but we are having a great time! This area is so fun. I love having Sister Winters here so many little miracles everyday. Ex: Saturday we got 4 self referrals wow!!!!! 
(haven't had the chance to meet with them yet but we will see) 
Love you guys have a great week! 
Sister Semones 
*Pics are put in reverse order today!

Sister Winters first tuktuk ride as a missionary!
Meeting Sister Winter!!!!
 Trainers waiting for their companions!
We are getting so excited!
Tuktuks are ready and waiting!
 Sister Semones and Loftis have their assignments and are so ready!

 Headed to the Mission Home for a training meeting.  Remember when we were MTC companions and arrived in Cambodia?

 Welcome to Chamkarmon Area!
Time to get pumped!

Saying goodbye to our mini missionaries
Love you Sister Hem!!!! Miss you!

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