Week 56 - Too much!

2:58 PM

Okay I feel like so much happened this week I don't even know where to begin.
Monday: We went to Watt Phnom, it was alright, got some fun pictures! I also saw to of my old member helps from KPC. They got their mission calls to  Australia!
We ate at this place called my Burgerlab and we tried their Elvis burger (burger patty, PB & J, and mushrooms) we had to do it to say we did.   It wasn't too bad, but the pb wasn't that great.
Thursday: The Thurstons came over for a house inspection. They're the couple over charity projects here. They are way cool I love them. They were so sweet they came a brought me a get well soon gift and gave our house a pep talk.  Sister Thurston served a mission in Japan and she is just awesome. Anyways I thought it was cool that I can look back on my life and always say that I served a mission.
Later that day we started an exchange with...... SISTER LOFTUS!!!!! It was so good to talk with her about our missions.
Friday: I went teaching with Sister Loftus and Sister Lines. It's fun to see how far we've come from teaching in the MTC.  Also,  one of our investigators, bong hian told us she was moving for work the next day so that was a bummer (but just wait).
Saturday: One of our investigators Srei Leak got baptized! She's so great her testimony is so strong, especially when she testifies about her search to find truth. Even though I've been in this area for such a short amount of time I really love the people here. It's so easy to connect with them. I love it.
Sunday: Mini miracle! We went to church and saw bong hian (our investigator who said she was moving) Turns out they gave the job to some other people. She told me at first she was upset about it but as soon she came to church she felt at peace and she felt good about things. I'm excited to see what God's plan is for her. 
Anyways sorry i don't have time to write more, but hey I sent a lot of pics this week.
K, love you guys!!!!!
Kendall, Sister Semones

 Wat time is it?
 Wat Phnom!

 District time with Sister Collins and Widner

 Helpers from KPC have both been called to Australia!

 I saw Sister Um...she is engaged!
 cutest baby
 Srei Leak's Baptism!!!

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