Week 58 - Mini Missionary

9:54 AM

Okay, so I got my mini missionary! Yahhhh! Her name is Sister Hem (Hi-m) and she's from Siem Reap! She is really good, even though we're cramming the 12 week training program into 2 weeks she's taking it pretty well.  She's awesome cause she's willing to learn; she also has great style. This week was pretty normal. Nothing super over the top amazing. But, I realized this week that I've come such a long way! I feel so comfortable in all aspects of missionary work. I feel really confident teaching and love spending as much time with the people as possible. It helps that this area is awesome! Okay don't be mad but I have to go. My comp doesn't get to email family so I don't want her to sit here for too long. 

Love Sister Semones 

My companion Sister Hem
 I love my English Class!

 Saying Goodbye to Sister Larsen!!!
 Time to head home for Sisters Sheffield, Larsen and Killian - I will miss you!

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