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I was wide awake this morning despite not sleeping at all last night. Why??? Cause I found out I'm training again!!!!! I was so excited I couldn't fall asleep; this morning I woke up with energy like a kid wanting to open Christmas presents.  I have loved training Sister Im and Sister Nit. Training is just a really awesome experience I can't even describe. But this time I'll be training an American! 
There are 5 sisters in the MTC and one sister returning from a previous group who hasn't been trained yet.
I am way pumped I'm in a good area too so we'll be having a really good time. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so excited! I've wanted to train a sister from the states since my training. Sister Harris means a lot to me; I still am just so grateful Heavenly Father knew she's who I needed; she helped me adjust with the culture, language, and mission life in general and became a really really great friend, and I've wanted to do the same for someone else.  Soooo I'm so excited!!!
I really can't think of anything else to write about. 
So kind of weird, we have a group ending this week but the new missionaries don't come for another 2 weeks so we're getting mini missionaries for that time, some YSA members  volunteered to come do a mini mission because we're short on missionaries. So I will train a khmer mini missionary and then switch to one of the new sisters in two weeks. Transfers are on Wednesdays so this will be some crazy next couple of weeks.
We have some great investigators and RCs and our Bm leader is literally one of my favorite people ever, he is soo funny. He just this little old om who kinda just does his own thing. Anyways He wants all the BMs and missionaries to have unity so we're going out for burgers tomorrow, because he loves hamburgers.
Oh yeah this week our branch finally celebrated pioneer day! Haha!  It was fun watching them sing and dance, and it was good for our investigators to meet people.
Okay that's it for this week!
Love you all

Sister Semones

 Cultural Pictures with Sisters Chanthakhoun

 Sisters Semones, Schwab and Lines "Beautiful"
 Sister Lines embracing her outfit.  Love the shoes! 

Sister Schwab!!

 Sister Lines and Semones
 One terrific TRIO!
Work it Sisters!

 Sister Semones thanks for keeping your eyes OPEN!

 Enjoying the fun day!

 Celebrating Pioneer Day in Chamkarman Branch!

 Happy Sisters!

 English Class - I found this on their FB page

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