Week 59 - The Other Side

1:05 PM

Soooo it's been a year, a fast one for that matter.  I feel like I just got off the airplane hopped in a tuktuk and met Sister Harris... then bam now I'm on the other side.   What?!    I can't wait for the new missionaries to get here although I'm sad to see sister Hem go (it's been a good 2 weeks).  Also, I heard Sister Nit finally got her visa and leaves tomorrow!  Wahoo!! Yeaa!.   I'm so excited to train an American!   I've been preparing a lot lately.  For example my weak point in the language is definitely reading so I've been working really hard at that  and just in the past few weeks I've improved so much, blessings.   Also I feel like I know my way around the area pretty well now.   haha!  This week I had to try and find one of our RCs houses and it's pretty far and in a maze of alleys. needless to say we biked around for a good 45 mins before we found it, but miraculously we found it, and we were still on schedule. How? Well also a mini miracle (or at least I think so). The lesson before we went to teach one of investigators bong Hian. She's so great, really sweet, loves to learn, but we have to teach a little slower for her and she loves to talk... a lot.  aka it took us 3 lessons to finish lesson 1.... but that day somehow we were able to have a good lesson on the Plan of Salvation. The full lesson, in half the time, she understood, and we all felt the spirit.  The extra time really helped us stay on schedule and accomplish everything we needed to for the day.  Another small blessing this week, these 2 girls who always come to church normally say they are too busy to learn with us but finally this week they said they're ready, so we'll see how it goes! 

Okay I have lots of pics this week!!! Last week Sister Hem, Chanthakhoun, Xiong, Seang, Schwab, Ormax, Cheeney, and Dao went to 3D world. They're big paintings you can take pics with. It was way fun I probably go back sometime.
Love, Sister Semones

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