Week 38 - Teuk Thla - Let the Khmer New Year Begin

10:37 AM

This week was the slowest week of my mission and it's going to get slower...

We're approaching Khmer New Years and LITERALLY everyone leaves the city and goes to their kite. Other missionaries have told me Phnom Penh turns into a ghost town for A WHOLE MONTH......... really though. But this week was still GOOD! I got a sweet birthday package from the Reber family and I took some toys and candy to the orphanage! They loved it! I held onto some of it and told them when they memorize scriptures they can pick something else from the box. They were super excited! Also Sister Sung got her Patriarchal Blessing on Easter! We went and met with President Christensen before so he could help her prepare for it. It was neat to hear him talk about it, and review/ learn more. So needless to say I've really been studying my own patriarchal blessing and I know my Heavenly Father loves me, and I know he cares about all his children. I am so grateful for Easter and the opportunity our Savior provides us to receive all of God's blessings.
Okay so sorry that's literally all I have this week. Love you guys so much!

Love Kendall

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