Week 39 - Teuk Thla - Stake Khmer New Year's Party

12:48 PM

Hey everyone hope you've had a wonderful conference weekend. I'm excited to listen to it this week!

 This week has been good. This week our stake celebrated Khmer New Years. It was really cool. They had traditional food and games, and some of the members did some of the cultural dances. (I have videos but I don't know how to send them. I loved watching the kids from the orphanage dance; I felt like a proud mom. haha. It was really fun! 

This week we continued to meet with our investigators.  2 are referrals from our recent convert (bong vanna). Bong Hiab, 35, is her friend and Li Hua ,16, is bong vanna's younger brother. Both are so good they come to church all but one Sunday. They both do really well with their prayers and scripture study. They both ask such good questions and both want to be baptized. So we're really excited for them. We don't teach them together; we've been teaching Bong Hiab longer. I love hearing how the gospel had been changing her life. For example she stopped drinking, and when people are mean to her she finds strength through Christ to stay calm and rise above her anger.   Someone invited her to do those things (we hadn't taught about it yet, but she made those choices on her own. She's such a good example to me. We also just started teaching our other recent convert (somnang)'s mom Ming Sam. She already believes in Christ; she's read the entire Bible already. She also has a testimony of priesthood power too. (she was sick and asked the Elders for a blessing; she promised God she'd pray everyday cause she was healed, and she does.) I don't know why she hasn't learned more about the church (I think she was busy with work). But we're excited to continue teaching her. 

Also this week we got transfer calls. I'm so happy I'm staying in Tuek Thlaa. But now I'll be serving with Sister  Y (pronounced E). I don't know her that well even though she was in my zone, but it should be good. Sister Sung is going to Taak Mau (I have no idea how to spell it, or anything else in this language. Okay sorry that's all time I have this week the server went out for a while so it ate up my time. 
Love you guys!!!

 Sister Semones and Sister Sung

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