Week 41 - Teuk Thla - Okay, sorry Mom change your countdown!

10:17 AM

We had Zone conference this week and we found out all of the native language missionaries will be in the MTC for 3 weeks now. Because of this, our transfers and return dates are all messed up... sooooo I get to serve an extra 2 weeks!!!!! Sorry Mom, but I'm excited about it. This Zone conference was all about the Book of Mormon and interestingly enough family history work. Yup, we're going to try and get that rolling here in Cambodia, and I'm actually really excited about it. It will be really hard because of the past history of the country and people's lack of knowledge about their close relatives, but we're gonna try our best. I really have a greater appreciation for family history work now that I understand the plan of salvation better, and I'm really excited to help open people's hearts through family history work and the love they have for their family. 
Thursday was party day aka Khmer New Years all the missionaries in the city went to the Ton le Basak II. It was a super nice restaurant! It was way fun to see everyone and catch up with each other. Okay but really that's all I have this week. The streets have been empty! Okay love you all! Good luck with finals everyone at BYU!

Love, Kendall

 Wear her Khmer skirt her companion got her for her birthday! 

 Buffett for 77 please! - Happy Khmer New Year's!
 So excited to see old friends! - Sister Nguyen

 Sister Y - current companion
 A beautiful bunch!
 Sister Christensen in the selfie!

 Good friends!
Fun to see all companions and Sister Collins!

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