Week 40 - Teuk Thla - What is this?!?! What is time?!?!

10:49 AM

Okay transfers, already! I'm with Sister Y now! Things are good we still don't know  each other that well but we will. I miss Sister Sung she was awesome but no, Sister Collins stole her away from me ;). Well, apparently when transfers fly by so does your mission! IM HALF WAY ALREADY, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO................  This is just all way to fast, and I'm freaked out cause everyone says the 2nd half is faster. yikes. I'm trying to savor every moment and work like crazy, but unfortunately that's hard to do during Khmer New Years.
 It's starting... everyone is leaving... and unfortunately it hits right at conference! So... not that many people came! So sad. Luckily for us some of our investigators came and some of our less actives. Wow that was probably one of the best things I've seen on my mission. This one less active who a month ago told us to stop sharing the gospel with her came to conference with her family. I'm pretty sure she's not stepped foot in church for years despite her husband being the second counselor in our bishopric. I guess she use to hate the missionaries then her heart softened a little and she let them met with her again, but then the beginning of last transfer she told us we could come and visit but that she didn't want to hear anymore about the gospel. We continued to say hi to her but she was pretty standoffish, but a couple days ago our appointments fell through and I felt like we could go to her house and at least ask if she needed help with anything. At first she did not want us to help but we started helping her stock her store anyways. Eventually we sat down and chatted with her mainly talked about Khmer New Years, and then left. I have no idea if meeting with her had any impact on her showing up on Sunday (when I saw her at church she was busy talking), but it's a miracle in its self she was even there. We're going to visit her tonight so I hope that conference had some type of impact on her. Conference was great! I loved so many talks It's hard to choose my favorite. (I don't have time this week but I'll write more about them in the coming weeks) Conference as a missionary is great! Throughout the sessions you hear messages that you know are meant for the people you teach and visit, so throughout conference you're constantly praying that their hearts are open and that they'll find answers and guidance. I prayed for all of you too. I love you guys so much both family and friends. Have a great week!
Love, Sister Semones

Baby Power celebration with Sisters Sung and Ormax

 Writing in Sister Sung's and Ormax's memory books
I will miss them!

Sister Y my new companion!
 Zone Luncheon

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