Week 12 - Kampung Cham

3:38 PM

Hey there Fam and friends,

This week was pretty rough but all in all it turned out promising. 
So this was actually my first full week in Kampung Cham! It's beautiful out here and the people are so kind.

Everyone is really nice but it's honestly hard to find people who want to learn about and live the gospel. Tuesday however we found a girl who was related to a member and she invited us to come in and teach her the first lesson right then and there. She was so sweet and we were so excited especially at the end of the lesson when she told us she wanted to learn more. You're all probably thinking how does that sound rough? Well  we went back to teach her the second lesson and she had up and moved to another city!!! (apparently that's super common here) and then all of our appointments fell through for the rest of the day as well.  That was pretty much the rest of our week.  Oh we also lost some investigators this week cause they have to work on Sundays and won't come to church. So during the week we mainly taught members, a few recent converts, and  less actives. One lesson with a member went really well! She's an Om (in their 60's) and has been a member for 10 years. She started asking us all these questions about Cane and Able. (interesting side note: the King James version of the Bible is not translated in khmae, they use a different version) Honestly we couldn't answer all of her questions so we asked her if we could teach her about faith and she said sure. Later in conversation she asked us " how come I do everything I am supposed to do and pray for my legs to get better but they're not better? I had the thought come to my mind to share about Job (because she loves the bible so much) I shared with her how we have to have faith in Christ and his Atonement and that we will be rewarded if we endure. That morning I had written down the scripture 2 Nephi 2:2 and I had the thought to pull it out. I shared with her how trials help us grow. To me it seemed the lesson really uplifted her and she agreed with what we shared.  That was a great experience amongst the tougher ones.  Friday we had Zone Conference (which was uplifting) and it was exciting to hear what the mission vision is. It is  "Be a Deliberate Disciple"  We should continually want and work at being converted, being a disciple, and teaching with power. President Christensen talked about how this is a cycle that will help us be true disciples. I look forward to working and focusing on this vision. Sunday, I gave my first talk in church. I think it went well I spoke about not just knowing the gospel but living the gospel. I emphasized reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday and going to church. The language went well and the members said I spoke clear so that's good. After all of our church meetings we went to visit a less active recent convert. I love her she was so funny and really sweet. She told us she knew she needed to go back to church and that she wanted to. She told us that she would come back and that she want us to teach her children about the gospel as well. Yeah!!! At church some people told us they have some potential referrals for us, so that's exciting (everyone at home, if you can think of anyone who might be slightly interested in the gospel, please be bold and invite them to meet the missionaries). So, all in all the week ended on a good note and I'm excited to go out and teach and help build up the church.
Love you all so much and miss you!
with love, Kendall

 Love the little children!
 Relief Society Activity
 Sister Harris and Semones
 The white noodles are actually made from rice!
My study area!

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