Week 9 - MTC - tah yeeng tuo (let's go)

11:37 AM

Dear family and friends,

I am sooooo excited to get to the field!!!!
This week I've had some great opportunities and I really cannot wait to step foot in Cambodia!!!!

Highlight of my week, was Monday night. 
I feel so inadequate when it comes to the language just to let everyone know. Friday, I had to take my last language skills assessment test (LSA). Monday, Lookkruu Mickelson decided to teach our class about the gift of tongues; to my surprise he mentioned how he witnessed the gift of tongues through my LSA. He said he started the recording and was so surprised he paused it and played it again. He said I was using good vocab, grammar, and that I didn't have an American accent but a Khmae accent! I know that this didn't happen because of my own knowledge or skills; I definitely had heavenly help. Rewind to Saturday: I'll admit I had a meltdown in front of Lookkruu Mickelson I was so frustrated with the language. He and my companions pulled me aside and gave me really great comfort and advice. When Lookkruu shared what he had heard on my LSA he said that, he knew I didn’t know that I was speaking with the gift of tongues because of the struggle I had the next day. It was a good lesson for me to learn that I don’t need to stress about the language. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are with me. I think it's interesting that I didn’t recognize it but the listener did, but that's all that really matters. I know that Heavenly Father will help me again and again with this language especially when I'm doing more important things like teaching. I'm so grateful I had this experience before I leave. 

Last Tuesday night Devotional was awesome! Elder Oaks came and we sat on the 3rd row. Yup, I was sitting directly in front of him. Sister Oaks spoke first and wow she is awesome! Elder Oaks taught about the importance of teaching by the spirit, a very frequent but very important topic. I don't have time to write anything down really, but I know that he's been called by God to be an apostle and that the assignment to come and talk to us that night was inspired. 

We had infield orientation on Friday (It was good, but our teachers go above and beyond and had already taught us practically everything, but the orientation still had some good insights)

I am going to miss my teachers like crazy!!!! Lookkruu Mickelson, Neakkruu Davis, and Lookkruu Garlick are so inspired, patient, kind, helpful, and they always teach with the spirit. They are some of the most spiritual people I have ever met! I'm going to miss them.  I wish I could stuff them all in my suitcase and take them with me.

K well I got to run; Love you all so much thank you for the love support and cute surprises!

With love, Kendall

Btw I am so excited to come home and train all my little cousins and get them ready for their missions!

 Neakkruu Davis - I love her!
 Surprise my eyes are closed - MTC Companions Sister Loftus, Sister Rydalch
 Cambodian speaking sisters (Rydalch,Loftus,Semones,Collins,Schwab) and Sister Moon
 Cambodian and Hmong Districts
My MTC District - I love this picture!

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