Week 8 - MTC - travel plans!!!!

6:00 PM

Hey Family and Friends,
I'm going to keep this email short since I need to email my Mom about travel stuff, but I finally got my travel plans! 8 weeks in the making! I fly to LAX, Hong Kong, and Phnom Penh on Sept. 8th! I forgot to take a picture of my name tag with Semones in script but I'll do that next week! This week has been kind of stressful/ exciting. I'm trying to cram in as much language as I can and get help from teachers before they disappear. I did an endowment session at the temple this morning. It's sad to say goodbye to the temple for the next 16 months. I got a card from Aunt Tani with pictures of the kids at the temple for reunion and at Temple Square. She mentioned how the temple is one of the ways God shows his love to his children; I definitely agree. My companion made a good point, the next time I'll go to the temple I'll be with my family again, so I can't wait for that! I miss you guys so much I appreciate everyone's prayers and sweet emails and packages. I'm sorry I don't have time to reply to them all but I do read them; I promise!

With love, Kendall

 Sister Semones and Elder Stepp
 Sister Rydalch, Sister Semones, Sister Loftus and the Moon's
 Sister Semones MTC district and the Moon's
 Sister Semones and Sister Tessa Johnson
Cute Sunshine package from the Reber Family

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