Week 7 - MTC

4:35 PM

"The Lord has invested much in you"

Hi Family and Friends one more week down at the MTC! I get my flight plans at the end of this week! weeee.  I'm so excited and yet so nervous at the same time. The above quote is from preach my gospel. This quote actually comes from the language section of PMG, but the Lord has invested a lot in all of us. The language aspect of the mission is tricky, I look back and feel like I've learned so much but I feel so nervous because I know I don't know enough and everything I do know people probably won't understand. Anyways the topic in sacrament meeting yesterday was faith. It's not important that I think "I don't think I can do this" or even "yeah, I believe I can do this" what is important is that I think “I believe in Christ, and with his help I can do this." I know I am supposed to serve in Cambodia.  The Lord has invested much in me by trusting me to exercise my faith in Christ. Faith is not a passive principle. He knows us as individuals. He knows my strengths and weaknesses; he knows the strengths and weaknesses of my future companions and investigators. He knows the opportunities that are ahead and knows how to help strengthen all of us.

For example this Wednesday, I was so stressed out about teaching Ming. (I've mentioned her before). We had really good lessons with her but then she stopped progressing for about two weeks; I was sad and frustrated. I prayed so much for help. My companions and I put together a lesson plan that pretty much was just reestablishing expectations. In the lesson Sister Rydalch followed up on commitments and explained how we can't really help her if she's not keeping her commitments and reemphasized how important commandments are. I explained that we loved her and wanted to help her and that Heavenly Father wants to help her as well. Sister Rydalch then asked her if there was something in particular she was wanted to focus more on. She opened us to us and explained how she loved Heavenly Father, and knew Christ was important, but that she felt she didn't know him personally. Sister Loftus explained how reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday would help her develop that relationship. We explained to her that she does have to know everything before she is baptized; we explained that we ourselves are still learning. I shared the scripture 2 Nephi 28: 30 which talks about line upon line precept upon precept and how God will bless us with more if we accept what he gives us at the time. I felt the impression to invite her to be baptized again even though in my mind I wasn't sure she'd say yes. To my excitement she said YES! I wanted to jump out of my chair I was so excited. I felt so happy and I told Ming that I could feel Heavenly Father's love for her and that I knew he was so happy she made the decision to be baptized. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are so good. Our prayers were answered. We weren't sure about just talking about re- establishing expectations but we felt that it was what we needed to do as well as share 2 Nephi 28:30. The spirit was definitely present in the lesson and helped us say what we needed to say. The Lord knows everyone and has much invested in each of us and helps us know what to do to become better. 

Love you all; I'm out of time sorry I can't write more.

Sister Semones

President and Sister Moon

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