Week 6 - MTC

7:00 PM

"We are members of a millennial army fighting for the life of Christ"

Hi everyone!

This week was hard but it still had great moments.  The  quote above is from the Nashville Tribute Band!  They came last night for our Sunday devotional and it was awesome!!!!!!!
I love their music; I can always feel the spirit really strong when I pay attention to the words. They sang songs from all of their albums. IF YOU HAVEN'T LISTENED TO JOSEPH A NASHVILLE TRIBUTE PLEASE DO!!!! That album helped spark my testimony of Joseph Smith. It was awesome to hear from them live.  We were in the 9th row it was so cool!  You can recognize their testimonies from their music but it was also amazing to hear them talk about their missions.  Something else they said that I liked was, "they don't all have to know today, but they WILL know".  Last night was so powerful!

Jumping back a few days Tuesday's devotional was amazing as well!  C. Scott Grow came and spoke and it was one of my favorite devotionals.  He broke down Doctrine and Covenants section 4 verse 2.  He talked in detail about serving with all of our heart, might, mind, and strength.  My favorite part of the devotional was when he shared a story of one of the elders in his mission when he was a mission president.  The elder was from the south and had a heavy accent was brand new in the field and wasn't great at the language.  Brother Grow meet with the missionaries to discuss baptism goals for the month. This elder came in and said that his goal was to baptize 23 people.  Brother Grow thought wow that's crazy!  The most he'd ever seen in their area was 11, but he asked  "well elder how did you come up with that number?" The elder replied that he had fasted and prayed to know how many people the Lord needed him to find and he had a strong impression that it was 23.  Of course who could argue with that answer right?  So after a month he had another interview with President Grow and he said "Well we didn't reach our goal, my companion and baptized 20... but at the end of today we have a baptismal service, and 3 people are being baptized."   
WOWWOWWOW!!! that is incredible!  What faith this elder had! He served with all of his heart might mind and strength!   Brother Grow also shared the scripture     1 Nephi 3:15.  I think that its amazing that as true as God is, and as tangible as our own bodies are, my goals can be just as real. When we set our goals with God, and turn to him for help in the process, we can accomplish the impossible!

Another really cool thing this week, I finally go to host!!!  It was way fun but also way hard... I helped 4 sisters and I was shocked, none of them cried!!!  I had to say a prayer before hosting started that  I wouldn't cry when I saw people say goodbye to their families ( don't worry I held it all in).   I'm so sad I missed seeing Annalece drop off her brother and the Boyd family dropping off Sterling.  I think I host next week again.  Oh other BIG news!   Brother Moon (President Moon) and Sister Moon are serving in our branch now!  Our first counselor got released and Brother Moon is now our second counselor!   It is so cool to have them with us!!! 

Okay that's all i have time to write!  Love and miss you guys!

Love Sister Semones

Elder Sterling Boyd (from Texas) and Sister Semones 

Sister Semones and Elder Thomas Fairholm (from BYU)

Sister Semones and Elder Liu (Calvin's friend from Lehi)

The Weavers from our Branch Presidency

The Sisters got Stashes
(there is nothing in the white book about this)

The group she plays volleyball with!

Cole's package to Sister Semones

Our Zone Leaders - they left today for Hong Kong!

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