Week 72 - Really?!

10:23 AM

This week was so good! Busy but good! The night before Sister Winters left we had a lesson with our investigator Bong Amap. She's learned with like 3 sets of sisters, and pretty much told us straight up she was lazy sometimes and wouldn't always keep commitments. So yeah, we would try to meet her every once in awhile to keep her interest but she wasn't fully on our radar. At one point she wasn't progressing at all and we had a lesson about scripture reading and receiving personal revelation that it's true through the spirit. (She told us she just wanted to see God and Jesus Christ) but we gave her the commitment again to read everyday and she accepted. And she actually kept her word, but a week or so went by and it got harder to meet with her and she eventually told us she was too busy to meet aka dropped. So about a week ago I get a call from her on the phone and she says "Sister, Can I get baptized this week?" it was so out of the blue! I explained to her she had to continue meeting with us and that keeping commitments would help her prepare for baptism. She agreed and said that was what she wanted. So in the lesson with her we started reviewing lesson 3 (the gospel of Jesus Christ) with her and for some reason we had the thought to just stop in the middle of one of the points and ask if she was still reading everyday. And she told us YES! I've been reading everyday and I prayed and I got an answer. And in my mind I was like "really?! maybe she had a dream" (common in Cambodia) but then she started explaining and it was amazing. She told us she didn't see God or Christ but she felt something like we had explained; she felt so happy. She said that the night she got her answer she prayed differently than she had before. She was like "it was so weird I felt like a little kid who just goes to their parents and tells them everything. I talked about all the things I've done wrong and how I wanted to change; and I prayed about the Book of Mormon and I had this really happy feeling in my heart. She said it was a different kind of happy than she's ever experienced before. She said before I just thought I was smart and I just wanted to know things/see things, but I know the feeling I felt was real. That's why I called you and told you I want to be baptized. Anyways it was one of those moments you wish you  could just replay over and over because it was so amazing! So, She is doing awesome now and is keeping all of her commitments.  
Sister Winters is out of the nest now. And she is rockin'it like I knew she would! Now I'm having a blast with Sister Snooks! I'm so excited to serve with her; she's like a long lost friend. Today we went and played lazer tag with some people in our zone, and we ate lunch with a member, so that was way fun. Alright out of time. 
But all in all I'm thankful for the Book of Mormon, the restored gospel, personal revelation, wonderful people around me, and of course my sweet family especially my mom. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving 
Love, Sister Semones  
 A nice lunch before transfers!  Sister Winters is ready to go to Siem Reap!

South Zone Sisters

PC - Sister Snooks
Sisters in Chamkarmon House!

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