Week 21 - Kampung Cham - Drum roll for my new companion!

10:55 PM

OKAY there was a lot this week but I’ll skip to the most exciting part…
I have a NEW companion or should I say companions! WHAT!?!?! YUP I’m back in a trio, but it gets even stranger. So I am with Sister Nhem (a native) and.............. a new missionary. Yup we have a trainee in our trio. I am so excited about Sister Nhem everyone loves her! I'll admit I’m nervous about the koon (the new missionary). We actually don’t know if the koon will be American or Khmae till the day of, so that should be interesting. If they're American the challenge for me will be to not compare myself (higher or lower, any type of comparing is bad); if they are Khmae the challenge will be to get investigators to listen to me rather than expect my companions to translate. I'm also nervous about the complications that come with trios in general. Oh and I’m leading the area, so this should be interesting, yes I have managed to somewhat overcome my weakness of being direction-ally challenged. So we will see how everything plays out.  1 Nephi 3:7 I will go and do. I am so sad to see Sister Harris kick it to the city; I’m really going to miss her. Yeah I'm actually way sad. I really couldn't have had a better trainer. 
Last pday we decided to take srei saat pictures. It was a blast! Sister Harris and I went with the traditional khmae wedding attire and Sister Kimball and Ren went India style. The pictures are sweet!!! Anyways we for sure experienced the culture for 4 hours, yeah it took 4 hours ha ha. Sister Harris decided to go with the traditional khmae wedding pants because they are outrageously funny! She looked like an oompaloompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Anyways enjoy the pictures and laugh as hard as you want because they are ridiculous. 
Thursday was Thanksgiving and I woke up with a lovely 101 degree fever. Yeah I finally got sick. I somehow managed to climb on the back of Sister Harris bike and we went to the church to have Thanksgiving. Yes I went. I scarfed down my plate of food (I was not going without stuffing and potatoes) and I went and laid on the floor. The zone leaders gave me a blessing because our district leader was sick as well. Priesthood blessings are real! I was better the next day. So I’m grateful for the priesthood. And as stated in last week’s email I am grateful for my family and the gospel and the opportunity I have to be a missionary.
As far as missionary work goes:
We don't have many investigators right now sigh but we're working on it.
So mainly we've been meeting less actives and recent converts. 
So exciting Bong Pov (houng's mom) finished the Book of Mormon!!!!! (Even the index ha ha) She also proceeded to share all the miracles in her life since she joined the church. So that was pretty great! Also Sunday we had some less actives and close to less actives come to church! 
Okay sorry I don’t have a lot to write about missionary work this week but hopefully that will change soon.
Love you all, Kendall
 I love their Missionary Tags on!!
Srei Saat Pictures
 Traditional Khmae Bridal Outfit

 Having lots of fun!

 Beautiful River!

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