Week 19 - Kampung Cham - Monkey Farm / Wats

6:12 PM

Hi family and friends!

I am so sorry for the short email last week but part of our district went to visit different sites in Kampung Cham! We went and played with monkeys too (not really, that would be like asking for rabies). It was really fun to visit the watts and learn more about what most people believe in here. It was also interesting to learn more about the history of this country and the tragedy they faced. 

This week was pretty normal. We contacted like crazy this week. I can't remember if I mentioned it last email but last week our investigators dwindled down to 3, but this week we're back up to 10! And 3 of them are close to golden investigators, unfortunately all three are guys, so if we can't find member help we have to give them to the elders... bummer but hey as long as they're learning. 

I'm so excited for this week because........ Oon Kaa and Srei Niat are being baptized on Saturday!!! Before their interview we asked them some questions to figure out how prepared they were, and they were so awesome! It is so fun to teach them because they remember everything, and they keep their commitments. Friday we taught them a lesson on setting goals to get to the temple. I was thinking about how amazing temples are. Heavenly Father created a way for us to remember some of the most important days of our lives while helping others receive those same blessings. 

This week I also went on my first exchange with a native! Sister Ren! I love Sister Ren she is so   sweet! She was really nice and we didn't really have any communication issues. She knows a little English and I know some Khmae so it all worked out! I was also glad I didn't get lost in the lessons; we took an equal amount of time teaching. It was so fun to spend the day with her, and I’m so sad she'll go to a new area next transfer. 

Okay so that's all I have for this week love you tons! Thank you so much for the fun thanksgiving letters and love!

Love, Kendall

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