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CONFUSED by the title of my email?

Wellllll here's the thing, so a few weeks ago we found out Christmas is cancelled, aka we are not getting together as a mission in the city, because the Area 70 asked us not to. Everyone is bummed out but hey what can you do. Anyways I'll admit I was super bummed cause I’m out in a kite aka I’m only with ten people and there are no Christmas decorations in kites cause there are no Americans out here. BUT last pday we went to the Japanese recycle shop (thrift store) and lo and behold there was a 5 foot fully decorated Christmas tree. It had ornaments and tinsel and even a star. So what did I do? I impulsively bought it for $35. Do I regret it NO WAY! I've never been so excited to take down a tree, but we took it apart in the store and biked it home. So that night we put up the tree, listened to some Kenny G Christmas music, and drank Hot chocolate (shout out to my mission grandma Sister Davis for sending it and Sister Harris for sharing)!  The cool part is that this is Sister Ren's first Christmas! And she got into it! She decided to rip apart an old pillow and use the stuffing as snow. The best part is Sister Ren bought a skirt at the Japanese Recycle shop unfortunately it shrunk in the wash, so I asked her if we could use it as the tree skirt. All in all yes our tree skirt is a real skirt. W
hen we first put up the Christmas tree we were in a trance. We practically sat around the tree anytime we could, talked around the tree ate around the tree. I finally told Sister Harris and Kimball that Sister Ren probably thought this was a normal thing in America and Sister Harris joked that Sister Ren probably thinks it's our shrine hahah.
The next day Sister Uresk and Sister Young (The super sister training leaders) came for an exchange with Sister Kimball and Sister Ren. We all decided to celebrate Christmas together. So we planned on doing a gift exchange. It was a blast lots of steals and swaps. Tons of talking and good stories. All in all it was a fun Christmas! 
As far as the work goes, Oon Kaa and Srei Niat were baptized! Okay getting baptisms ready is mass chaos; in the end we waited for an hour and a half till someone in the branch presidency was able to come. But whatever people just roll with the punches here.  We ended up singing practically every hymn translated in khmae while waiting. Once the baptism started it was really great. One of the youth in our ward gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and it was spot on, and the baptisms themselves were beautiful. Between the interview and the baptism, I felt prompted that we needed to teach a lesson on how to share your testimony. (honestly, because the church is new here most people don't know how, I had the idea come to mind we could help strengthen the ward by teaching the new members how to share their testimony and that hopefully the members would feel the spirit and follow their example). The lesson was exactly what we needed to teach! Oon Kaa and Srei Niat got up at the baptism and shared their testimony and the spirit was there! Often people just say they feel happy and thank the missionaries, but this was absolutely different and it was great. I'm so excited for them and the choices they've made. I'm grateful Heavenly Father provided a way for us to have true joy and happiness through the gospel and that we can look forward for things to come. 
Sunday was great too! Srei Niat and Oon Kaa were confirmed. I felt the spirit and felt so excited for them and the potential they have as members. Also Sister Harris had the opportunity to teach relief Society and she ended up teaching about how to bear your testimony.  Everyone had the opportunity to share in class, and it was an awesome experience. Anyways that’s all I have for this week!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I'm so thankful for the gospel in my life and the opportunity I have to serve a mission and share the good news. I'm grateful for my family and friends who've been good examples to me and have been there to love and support me. I'm grateful Heavenly Father placed me in a home where our family's foundation is built on Christ. Love you all enjoy being home and together!!!

Love, Kendall

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