Week 74 - Christmas time is here, and it's HOT!

4:02 PM

This week was good! Last pday we got ready for Christmas I forgot to take pics of it all but we have a tiny tree!

This week was busy getting Bong Amap ready for baptism. She had to leave for a business trip so she met with us almost everyday this week, cause she really wants to get baptized this year. So it's set for the 24th! So hopefully nothing goes wrong with her work stuff. But we are so excited for her! She's been learning for 2 years, and she finally knows it's all true.

Samphor is doing awesome! I love her so much and her the yw are playing volleyball everyday. I started helping them once a week.  Many of their friends come so it's really a good way to get new investigators or for investigators to make friends.

Also we started teaching a lady who's husband is a member in the international ward.  We love teaching her, but we are taking a break this week because she just delivered her baby yesterday. So that's so fun for them. Okay out of time love you all!

Sister Semones

 All the sisters are getting in the Christmas spirit with some crazy santa hats my Mom sent!

Our cute little Christmas tree!

Relaxing pday fishing with our District!  

Our fishing friends!

Sister's S & S having fun shopping!

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