Week 76 - Mother of the Bride

8:38 PM

Yes, the above title is actually mine! I got a call from the Sister Training Leaders the other day and they said "President has softened his heart and decided that because you trained Sister Im you can go to her wedding" weeee! I always thought it would be cool to go to a Khmer wedding, but I'm so excited it's for Sister Im!!! She was my first trainee! Unfortunately, she got really sick and her missions ended early, but her boyfriend proposed and they get married this week! They are both members; they're saving to go to the temple and be sealed, but they're going to have their wedding at the church. Anyways as far as this week..... ahah this is where my Mom would like me to write a whole bunch, but we mainly did random service. *filled little plastic bags with like 30 kilos of sugar/ helped people cook food. We also found a lot of Less Actives. We didn't get a chance to teach them but we found them and got to know them a little bit better. This week we've taught a lot about Christmas. We focused on Luke 2: 10- 11. We taught Srei leak and Samphor about how they too can be angels and share the glad tidings of the gospel. We talked about how there are angels among us and how they can be regular people that God has placed in our lives. I felt the spirit so strong when I testified of that truth. I am so grateful we experience this life with loved ones. I'm excited to see my family soon, but I am so glad I am here with so many incredible people as well. They'll be my friends forever. Hope everyone has a very Merry (Christ)mas. Love you all!

Sister Semones



 A picture from the Sisters who "returned the favor" to the Elders!
Love the people of Cambodia!

I love this painting ...

Merry Christmas from a place I love!

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