Week 43 - Cba ampov Living out of a suitcase for life!

10:38 PM

So long story short we'd been living in a temporary home waiting to get a new house. We thought we'd only be waiting for a week so we kept everything in our suitcases. Well a week turned into a month. And then this week we finally moved houses.... but then the next day I moved areas! EMERGENCY TRANSFER just kidding, as if. Tuesday night President called me and asked me to WHITE WASH TRAIN cba ampov with Sister Nit! She and her Sister (identical twins) started their mini missions on Thursday. They are waiting for their visas. Sister Nit (my companion) is serving in the Salt Lake City Mission. The other Sister Nit is serving in Portland Oregon. I lovvvvveeeeeeee Sister Nit! She is an awesome missionary already. She's a hard worker, excited about the work, and is very kind, and we're living with Sister Ren! and Sister Lines! So it's a party. I'm so excited to be living with Sister Ren again!!! So many fun memories. White washing isn't too bad actually. Sister Ren's been an angel and showed us some of the area our first evening and morning. So that helped us a lot. It's too soon to tell how the area will be. We're in a branch right now, but there are a handful of members who are really great. So many of them have already gone to the temple! Sister Nit and I are really excited to work with each other and work in this area. It's amazing how much the spirit has been helping us. Remember places, names, start relationships with members here. It's pretty awesome to see. Okay well I'm out of time for today. Love you love you! Can't wait to talk with some of you next week.

Sister Semones

 Saying goodbye to the children I love in the orphanage in Teuk Thla!

 Saying goodbye to the Teuk Thla Young Women!

 Goodbye Sister Y

 Goodbye to my Housemates and Companion!

 Meet Sister Nit - my new companion in Cba Ampov!
Looks like it is fish for dinner tonight!

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