Week 46 - Cba Ampov

9:13 PM

Hey family and friends 

This week was kind of slow, so it'll be a short email sorry.

Monday we went to this big fancy bridge close to Vietnam before Sister Ren left the area. Sister Schwab was supposed to move in but then the day before transfers we got a call from President and found out Sister Ren was staying and Sister Sok was coming.  So I'm back in a house of Khmers, no worries I love it.  Plus Sister Sok lives in Australia so she knows English haha. She makes me miss Teana so much haha. (She's also a nurse). 

The work here has been kind of slow so we've done a lot of service. This week we got to hand sew really nice leather shoes. They were like worth $150. So now I can say I know how to make legit shoes. 

We've also been working with a lot of less actives. Sunday was great! There were over 100 people! Normally we have 70-80, so we were so happy about that. Our less actives we're working with really are great they just need a little extra help and care. 

Okay love you guys! Miss you!

Love , Sister Semones

Pday on a bridge near Vietnam

 With my Sisters!  Sister Lines, Semones, Nit and Ren
 Sister Lines

Companions - Sister Semones and Nit

Service this week was learning to sew by hand nice shoes!
 Sister Nit

Saved the best pic for last!

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