Week 52 - I'm SO OLD!

8:09 AM

Hey Everybody! Happy 4th of July!!! Not going to lie I'm a little bummed I'm missing Independence Day...
I've had patriotic music stuck in my head this week, and this morning I studied 1 Nephi 13 and 
2 Nephi 1, and read more about the title of liberty. I'm grateful for God's plan, and his hand in our lives both on a large scale and in the details. 

This week was good! We have another new investigator and another potential investigator. Both of whom came from Ming Nari one of our returning Less actives. (One is her granddaughter and the other her friend) We're already teaching one of her granddaughters Hoang. She came to church on Sunday! And we had a great testimony meeting. Ming Nari got up and shared her testimony about the gospel and how excited she was to share it with her granddaughters. It was directed toward Hoang and it was very sweet. Also a few days ago we felt impressed to invite this one less active to church. She told us she was too busy watching her kids, and we reminded her about primary and that if she really wanted to come Heavenly Father would help her. To our surprise she actually came on Sunday! And she bore her testimony! She got up and talked about how she's been gone for 2 years and how we invited her to church and then a couple days later she had a dream that Heavenly Father told her to go to church. So she came, and she said she felt so happy and thankful she did. 
The spirit was definitely present when she spoke; it felt really warm and great. I'm grateful she knows God's aware of her and is there for her. 

Also on Sunday I saw one of my teachers form the MTC lookruu Olsen and his family. I was really weird to hear him speak English, and I'm glad I actually know Khmer now...

Which leads me to my subject of being old. I HIT MY YEAR MARK THIS WEEK! WHAT?!
This mission had gone by too fast! I can't believe it has been a year?! I felt like I just got dropped off at the MTC or met Sister Harris in Cambodia. Crazy all the things that've happened in the year. But seeing my old teacher made me realize how much the gift of tongues is real. I remember one day in the MTC I had to practice in front of the class with him and I was so frustrated ha-ha and now I translate for the senior couple in our ward. (I'm definitely not the best but I can manage). Crazy! Sometimes as missionaries we don't realize how much the Lord helps us with the language. But it's true, he does. 

Anyways this year has been great lots of ups and downs but the ups are up there, and I'm very grateful for my mission. 

Love you all happy 4th of July! Enjoy the fireworks, swimming, country/ patriotic music, family, and BBQ (I want some, but there's only Korean bbq here) Also thank you too all who've served our country and fought for our freedom.

Love Sister Semones

 Happy 4th of July from Cambodia!
 This was on transfer day I had to go for an English class meeting.  But I ran into my girl while I was there.  For some reason every time I wear this flower skirt Sister Schwab wears hers too.  I like being twins with her!

2 of my MTC roomies Sister Loftus and Collins!

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